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About us

G&V Ltd

G&V Ltd has been quenching people’s thirst at the office, at home, on the road, during workouts and on outdoor trips since 1995. We would like to present to you our product, Savina – the most requested guest at every table, any time of day. Its low mineralization makes it practically universal and a preferred choice for all members of the family: from the youngest to the oldest. Being one of the first companies officially licensed to produce low mineralization water, we offer you high-quality and diversified products for everyday use!

Water is health, life, and energy – its consumption is a requirement, but with Savina, it is also a pleasure! In order to bring harmony to your daily life and to your overall health, its mineral and salt content has to be perfectly balanced. We achieve perfect proportions with modern technologies. Reverse osmosis and ozone enrichment are only one part of the methods we use.

In our production area of 10,000 m² in Busmantsi Housing District, Sofia, we have excellently developed infrastructure which facilitates our production and logistic processes in the best possible way. We have our own source of porous water in the Neogene-Quaternary level in Sofia Valley, with debit of 12.5 L/sec, registered and certified in compliance with the Bulgarian laws. The company also has its own production plant in Busmantsi, Sofia. We have successfully incorporated a HACCP system, and our company is certified in compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 quality standards in production.

Established in 1995

The first company in Bulgaria for the production and distribution of tabel water

SAVINA - known brand in the segment of tabel water


Bottling of Savina water

  • Packages from 330 ml. to 11 l. PET
  • 19 l. containers – reusable

Energy drinks Go & Fun

Ice tea Regina

Isotonic drinks IsoPower

Our principal goal is to prove by the variety of products we offer that water consumption is much more than just a daily necessity. To have a glass of cold water may be a real pleasure to the senses! Precisely because water is consumed on a daily basis, we would like to show you that your experience of water can be diversified. Apart from the various sizes we offer, we also have suggestions for your workout sessions and for interesting products with rose water content for further freshness and beauty.

We were the first to bring water to the office! G&V Ltd is a pioneer in the water bottling industry when it comes to 19 L reusable polycarbonate bottles. The sale of gallons of water at a time, however, goes hand in hand with dispensers. Here, again, we were the first to launch and market hot and cold water coolers, so that we can take water even closer to you.

Ever since 2004 we have been bottling Savina in bottles of various sizes, 0.330 L, 0.500 L, 0.750 L, 1.5 L, 1 L, 5 L and 10 L. Choose the right quantity and type – still or sparkling – and you will get our crystal liquid in a container convenient for you. The bottling processes are completely automated which guarantees 100% hygiene and preservation of the natural properties of the water during the entire production process.

It is true that water is at the heart of everything, but apart from it, we offer other soft drinks too, among which every member of the family will find something for themselves!


Our mission is to take water to people. Our excellent distribution network across the whole country makes it possible for Savina to be always by your side. Savina is transported by our own shipping service to any destination in Bulgaria.

As a reputed company in the field of Fast Moving Consumer Goods, we are naturally a member of the Bulgarian Soft Drinks Association since 1999 – http://www.bsda-bg.org


If you are attracted to dynamic activities and you find the energetic work with fast moving consumer goods appealing – Savina is waiting for you! With us you will get a field of expression, a chance to prove your professional skills and to develop them further.

You will realize how motivating and inspiring it is to have something more than work – at Savina you will join our mission. We contribute to the daily improvement of the health and vitality of thousands of people, and this is an unmatched source of enthusiasm and energy!

Our attitude to life and health is much more than business for us. Ecology and cleanliness are part of our corporate ethics and we have turned them into a sustainable work culture of loyalty, oneness, and dedicated teamwork.

If you want to feel the pleasure of offering your customers the best products, or in other words our top quality water and soft drinks – get in touch with us! All enterprising and dynamic sales representatives with the right attitude to health and quality of life are welcome to join us.