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Savina Water

The Water for every day

You have already heard of Savina, but here you will get the chance to get to know better this charismatic lady. Savina likes to spend time at home, but as any other emancipated modern-day water she spends quite some time at the office too. Besides, she takes a lot of exercise, and travel is her true passion – she gets anywhere she wants in Bulgaria with her own personal drivers. Fresh, clean, and true to her feminine nature, she is in love with pink – so much so that she cannot resist the temptation of rose oil and you will often see them in each other’s company!

Once you’ve met Savina, you will never want to part with her! She has so much to offer on any given day that you will never get tired of her. As it often happens, with her too, ‘less is more’ rings perfectly true – the low mineralization gives you optimal quality for everyday use.
If you like purity in all its forms, then Savina is the right choice for you. Her mildness gives her quite a competitive edge over other types of harder water which, as you know, are not too easy to communicate with. Without boasting its ozone richness, Savina knows that true connoisseurs will appreciate her virtues. You will be surprised that in spite of her femininity, she is capable of true constancy – her chemical content and her quality are invariable. This is actually the key to the pleasure everyone takes in her, both young and adult. Her mellow temper and unmistakeable characteristics with a mild fresh flavour are so graceful that they leave you with a feeling of lightness!

A true fan of modern technology and constant improvements, she readily undergoes various treatments such as ozone injections and reverse osmosis. These procedures are a real hit among mineral waters. Reverse osmosis has the incredible potential to reduce the quantity of salts and minerals in water. With these superb qualities, she will ensure the excellent hydration of you cells, good digestion, and renal functions, and so many other benefits! Ozone enrichment is not only a passing fad, it is essential for water purity and bottle sterility.

Chemical content and characteristics are as follows:

Cation mg/l

  • Na < 5
  • Ca 6
  • Mg 2
  • Fe < 0.02
  • Mn < 0.001
  • Zn < 0.01

Anion mg/l

  • F < 0.1
  • SO₄ < 0.001
  • NO₃ < 1
  • NO₂ < 0.5


Obtaining water

Mechanical purification


Reverse osmosis

Ozone enrichment


Savina Water

The principal source of Savina water is its own borehole on a porous water horizon in the Neogene – Quaternary level of Sofia Valley, with debit of 12.5 l/sec and depth of 68 m. This speed rate gives us the exclusive opportunity to fill 25 half-litre bottles per second!

12.5 l./sec. – this speed allows you filling of 25 bottles of 0.5 l. in one second.

При механичното пречистване се премахват механични и органични примеси. Технологията използва филтриращ материал (кварцов пясък, активен въглен) имащ висока задържаща способност.

Омекотяването чрез йоннообменни смоли се основава на способността на редица твърди (естествени и синтетични) материали, при контакт с водата да обменят йони с нейните соли. Процесът на обмен на йони протича, когато водата се филтрира през пласт от катионити или анионити. В резултат на това солевият състав на водата се изменя.

Методът на обратната осмоза премахва до 99% от всички примеси във водата: бактерии, вируси, органични и неорганични замърсители, нитрати, тежки метали, радиоактивни елементи и т.н. Филтрацията на този етап е 0,001 микрона (=0,000001мм). На практика мембраната за обратна осмоза пропуска само молекулите на водата.

Процес, чрез който се добавя озон въздух. Озонът елиминира редица неорганични, органични и микробиологични проблеми

Фабриката разполага с 4 поточни линии за бутилиране:

Поточна линия от 0.330л. до 1.5л.

Поточна линия от 0.330л. до 1.5л. за газирана вода

Поточна линия от 3л. до 10л.

Поточна линия за 19л

Всички поточни линии са автоматизирани и допирът на човешка ръка при процеса на бутилиране е сведен до минимум. Успешно внедрена е система за качество НАССР и фирмата е сертифицирана по стандартите за качество ISO 9001:2008

Savina Water


The fact that we studied chemistry at school is not a guarantee that we still remember the characteristics of acidity.

The chemical formula of water is lucky to be among the few ones that are actually retained in our memory. H2O – so far, so good. Maybe we will also remember that these characters stand for hydrogen and oxygen. But water has other very interesting characteristics too…

The water molecule dissociates into two ions – a positively charged hydrogen cation Н+ and a negatively charged hydroxyl anion ОН-. The рН levels reflect the content of positively charged hydrogen ions.

Changes in the levels of рН by 1 (one) equals 10 times change in concentration. If the рН level is 6, the quantity of hydrogen ions Н+ is ten times more than it is at рН level 7, and vice versa.

In neutral water, the concentration of all ions in the water is the same, and it has a рН level of 7. Water whose pH level is < 7 is considered acidic and water whose pH level is > 7 is alkaline.

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

Total mineralization is the sum total of all solids dissolved in water. This is also known as ‘content of dissolved substances’ or ‘total salt content’, as the solids dissolved in the water are by rule various kinds of salts. Most commonly, these are inorganic salts (bicarbonates, chlorides, and calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium sulphates) and insignificant quantities of organic substances dissolved in water.

Water is highly sensitive to external impact. Apart from the natural factors of general mineralization, there is also seepage from industrial water and sewer waters from roadside ditches.

Here are some very specific figures which can give you an idea of the general mineralization of water:

– Water with very low mineralization – up to 50 mg/l
– Water with low mineralization – up to 500 mg/l
– Water with high mineralization – more than 1500 mg/l

Before we bore you too much with chemistry facts, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that both spring and mineral water with low and high mineralization should be drunk in limited quantities. Moderation is as important here, as it is anywhere else: we should not go to extremes even with something as essential for our health as water!